Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th

Well time just keeps flyin' by! It seems like just yesterday I posted on here and I look and it has been over a week. Wow where does it go? I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe 4th. My oldest grandson was here but not for long! He was going to spend the night with me but his friend, from my area, called and it was, please grandma can I spend the night. So we had a couple good hours and I took him over to his friends house. Geez he sure is getting old! Being with grandma is not near as fun as it was when he was a little guy! I am going to go get him tomorrow and I am going to get his picture, I haven't had a new one of him in ages. Well I am on vacation right now and I am trying to get my Mom's quilts quilted before she gets here at the end of the week. I also need to clean the house, hmmm which is more important, clean house (work) or quilting. DUH we know the answer to this even if it wasn't my mom's that need the quilting, I would still rather do it. I guess I will post pics of them later, right now I will try to catch up on some quilting.

This is a quilt my mom had made and given to me to pass out. It is (or was) a honor quilt for a soldier's mother. The yellow star represents  the  soldier gave his life in duty. Unfortunately it is going out this weekend.  Another friend is doing the binding and will do the presentation this weekend.

This is a T-Shirt quilt that Martha made. I just love the T-shirts in this one. Such cool shirts! So many times you see just sport shirts but this had such a variety! I love the Marilyn shirt and the Beatles. The it has some machine embroidery ones. Yep this one was just too cool.

This is one of my quilts. I call this one patriotic spools. The blue spools are from 80's fabrics and the red is from the 40's or so. I love using old fabric and turning it into beautiful quilts. I know some people only want new fabrics but I am one of those that couldn't care less. I love it all. Vintage fabrics are wonderful!

Well that is it for now, everyone have a good and safe holiday!

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