Sunday, June 19, 2011

Making a come-back

I know I have been way off these past few months but I am going to try to make a comeback. I have had a lot of things going on but I have been sewing and quilting just not blogging about it. So lets start with NO I did not do the Friday night sew in like I had planned. I had lots of items lined up to work on, first  one was to find my mystery top. I know you say why is it so hard to find? I have lots of tops lying around in all sorts of stages. I try to keep the finished ones over on the shelf for quilting but since I don't seem to quilting my own, that shelf became to small so now they go wherever I can find a spot. Mixed in with those still awaiting borders or in the tote of fabric. I had so wanted to spend the evening sorting. Somehow my addiction has gotten a hold of my sewing room and took over. But with one text (Oh read that text) my Friday night went into overdrive. I hadn't planned on my grand kids but my son text me asking me if I could pick them up for he had to work. Well I hadn't seen them in ages so yes it would give me some grandma time. After agreeing to that and making the arrangements with their mother, he then asked if I could keep them over night, he had to work on SAT. So the Fri night sew in was a bust. Played with the kiddos instead.
Here they are, two of the grand kids. Didn't get the oldest one. If you can't tell they had played with those temporary tattoos. No not with me! Kyler has one on the throat center and Savanah on her cheek. And Kyler had his hair cut into a zig zag Mohawk. Crazy little ones But still love em to death, even though they wore me out. The spent alot of time out riding bikes and scooter. Only had two or three spills and very little blood. All in all good time. Their Daddy came and picked them up on Sat evening after he got off work. Hubby and I then took his father out for supper for an early Fathers Day meal. We did tell him that if no one offered to take him out on Sunday we would be game to do it again. Yes I love the days I don't have to cook!
So I guess it is now time to show what you really come to see QUILTS.
This is Monica's for her niece. She has that computer program that kaleidoscopes pics, so she used pics and items in the baby's room to do the kaleidoscopes. The she appliqued cute, fun bugs and flowers in the border. This is such a bright cheery quilt. She really didn't care what I did to it just something other than a meander or panto. I had fun debating on what to do. I hope she loves what I did on it.
 This is Rita's. This is an antique top made by an old friend of hers. Of course the quilt maker is no longer with us, so that makes this top so special to Rita. She gave me the reins on this one but I chose a simple older looking panto. I didn't want anything to busy for quilting to take away from all those vintage fabrics.  This top was hand pieced and Rita had machine washed it before giving it to me. So the shrinkage on it was weird! I am sure that is due to the different variety of fabrics it has. It sure turned out to be a stunner of a quilt!
This is one of my quilts. Yes I have one done. This was a row by row that I did with my local club. I wanted scrappy scrappy scrappy. I had the border blocks already made for another project, but seeing that that project wouldn't get done for awhile I chose to use the blocks here to get something done. 1 UFO off the list. Of course the borders would have looked better if I would have done some planning instead of just grabbing and sewing.  I mean the top and bottom corner units are opposite of each other. I don't know why I couldn't have seen that before I put it together. But done is done and nothing I can do about it now. I did the binding with left over bindings that I had hanging around. That too I should have planned better for I just grabbed and sewed. Some of the bindings were narrower than the others so the overall binding experience was a tough one. but I love the scrappy look of the binding too. Nice job ladies that made rows for me on this one, it will always be treasured. Thanks!

This is Ginny's quilt. It was pieced by her friend Brenda Sue. I mean what can I say about this quilt is is gorgeous! I quilted this with a rose in the smaller squares and a large leaf motif in the large squares. The outer border was done in all roses. I  had such a fun time working on this one. Thanks for the pleasure. I know Ginny has to be happy with her new quilt it is such a beauty!

Well that is all I have for you right now, but I do have so many more to show you but will have to wait for another time.

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  1. I really like all those quilts specially Rita's. It is so pretty and the history makes it even better.


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