Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well It's about Time I showed Up

I know over a month ago I said "I am going to do better. I am going to make a comeback".  Guess you tell that power of postive thinking has done nothing for me. So lets start with way back in July. I had my sisters and parents coming for our 'girls annual gathering'. My dad would stay here at the house and keep my husband entertained while us girls went up to MI to a lake cottage.
Here are the quilts just to keep you entertained!
This is Diane M's. These Lady bugs are so cute! How can you not love this quilt! Diane is a great piecer and I am sure will turn out to be a great quilter too. She is learning to do her own machine quilting on her domestic machine. Go girl! I bet she becomes great at it and won't need me any more so Till then I love looking and working on her tops!
Just a close up of the Lady bugs!

Three of the sisters and my parents all came together in one vehicle from MO, well the sister with the vehicle was over the line a bit into KS. A days drive and they were here. The sister from VT had already arrived and we got to have a nice quiet visit before the others arrived. Then the next day us girls set out for MI. for a wonderful weekend on the lake. While sitting on the deck staring out onto the lake us sisters have a chance to catch up. Two of my sisters quilt along with my mother, one sister is a retired art teacher and the other loves to scrapbook. So sitting there the sis from Vt starts to tell me how I have inspired her by all the internet stuff I do so she looked on the net and found 'this crazy lady doing a mystery' She then holds up a top and viola it is my mystery from this past winter/spring! Then the sister behind her holds up and top and says 'I found her too' and then my mother holds up a top and says 'me too'.
Me standing under the three mystery tops. Sister on left and Mom on right are from MO and sister in middle is from VT. You know I still can't find mine. I know you say how can you loose a top. Well my family has been here and they have seen. I have totes of tops done and when I look one then they seem to get shuffled around. I have to admit I really haven't looked to hard for mine since I don't have time to quilt it anyway. I believe these quilts are all being donated to Joplin MO tornado survivors! I know I need to get mine and put right along with these. Put that on a list of to dos.

So  while here at this cottage I took a spill down the stairs. Sprained both my ankles. Not one but BOTH! We are going on 6 weeks now and I put my tennis shoes on for the first time today. Granted the laces were pulled out but I had them on. Weeks ago just the shoe against my foot and ankle hurt. Yes they still hurt and are still swelling. I went to the DR just a few days after I did it and they didn't examine them or even take x-rays. I would think you see this old fat lady and think hmmm brittle bones better check em. But she looked and said it was swollen and wrapped the left one and didn't do a thing on the right one, then sent me on my way. Now mind you the left one is still swelling like a cave mans club and if you put the ace bandage on it it HURTS. The right one hurts on the inside sharp pains but not as much swelling. Crazy I tell ya crazy. so I went to my family Doc on Mon and had x-rays and made an appointment with an ortho doc. Got the call from my Dr today that they took x-rays of the feet not the ankles. So I get to go back again. Yep what ever (if anything) I did to them they will be healed that way by the time I get to the Ortho Dr. So I really haven't been doing much of anything but having my feet up. But here are some quilts I did before all this happend.
This is Kathy's and it is made from recycled mens shirts. Our local club had a challenge for their quilt show this year and it was to use a mans shirt. Soem got energetic and went to Salvation Army and bought more of them and made whole tops out of nothing but mens shirts and others just added a yo yo or two out of the shirt fabric. Me I didnt' even get it started. Next year! Yes I will do it I have to I have the darn shirt here.
But Kathy told me she was going to give this to her Dad so I quilted vintage cars in it. Well I think her hubby has now decided that he wants it.
Here is a close up of the quilting. I don't know if you can make out the car or not. This was fun to do!

 Great job Kathy I love the quilt. Outstanding as usual!

These next two are my Moms

What a Beautiful Quilt 
Mom is an appliquer and a good one at that. I almost hate to work on her things afraid that I won't do them justice. I want to do justice to everyones but YOU MOM. Well it is just scary!
This is the pattern From Four to Nine. Last summer while visiting I showed this to my mom and she went right home and made this with some fabric that she got here in IN. She calls it Blind mans Bluff. I believe it is named becuz she feels either that even a blind man could see this fabric or it makes you go blind, and it was bought in Bluffton IN.

 Just a close up.

These are two awesome quilts.My mother always does a wonderful job. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful teacher!

I know there is more but I have been working on this post for an hour so it is time to hit the post button

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