Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where oh where have the..................

Yep I think I need to get it together. This past year I entered into two count em two weight loss challenges. The first one was for $440.00. I got right on it and lost 34 pounds. BUT I didn't win the money. I guess that discouraged me and by the time I got home from vacations I didn't even try to get back on track. So I joined another challenge less people so the pot was only $250.00. Do you think I did anything but gain. That was a bust the gal that won only lost 7 pounds, ya hear me 7 lousy pounds netted her 250 smack-a-roos. So to date I have gained it all back but 4 pounds. So the gross loss for 2010 4. So now my sisters and I have another challenge going on the pot $100.00 Notice a trend they get smaller and smaller, which so does my enthusiasm. But I have to do something so I am claiming on here to all keep me honest. I will be keeping a total on the side bar and if I forget to add at least monthly ask me about.

My son was over this past weekend with the grand kids and my grand daughter decided she wanted to make a quilt. Well she pick out the fleece so we made a blankie instead.

 Here she is doing all the tying. I cut the fringe and then cut a slit in it and all she had to do was fee the two layers through and pull. And she did every single one of them. Yes look at how proud she is!
Here is the finished blankie, a nice cuddle blankie for watching TV.

Next I have a quilt that belongs to Diane.

This the 4 patch stack n whack pattern and she did this at  a retreat.

Here is one of the blocks. I don't know if you can see the quilting or not.
And this is a freehand border pattern.

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  1. You are not alone on the gaining weight during a challenge! I gained 7 while in a challenge with coworkers. Now I'm in a contest with my sisters - oh but you know that, I believe you know my sisters!!!! So far since starting this one I gained 10lbs, got in gear and have now lost 9 of that 10, so I'm on my way! How are you doing??? Will that help motivate you?

  2. Oh I forgot. Love the pic of g-daughter. You need to post that on myfamily!

  3. Here's a little more motivation for you, I too know all about your sisters and I've joined an exercise program and lost 2 pounds (gained 4 to start) so, good luck to you but that $100 is MINE!!!


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