Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mystery Time and stuff

Well here it is the 15th and time for the fabric yardage for the mystery quilt. I have had the grand kids over today so I am late in getting this posted. They are both asleep now so I have a little piece n quiet to do my thing!. You know those little ones wear me out!

I did this pattern last year and I used 4 fabrics. I lost the pattern when my computer crashed so redoing it, I decided to add a 5th color. So I am going to give you the instructions for both but I want you to know that I am adding that 5th color as I go, the official instructions are for the 4 colors. So I will be writing the 5th color additions as I go. but things should be fine. Lets keep the fingers crossed. No I am not a designer, I just dabble and like to share those dabbles.

Also NO yardage is given for borders. I find that I have never liked or done borders from a mystery as stated so I just don't give any on my mysteries. With that said the overall size without borders are:
48" x 60". This is traditional pieced.

Here are the fabrics I used with the 4 way
As you can see I used a black (1) and  tonal black (2).
Then a grey (bckgrd) and magenta pink (4).
Now I am adding a lime green as a zinger (z) this
time around.
If picking for these I would use for 1 and 2 something dark and very close to the same. It doesn't have to be black. Dark browns, Navy, Dark greens .....................
Color 4 is something that will pop against your color 1 and 2.
Bckgrd color is something that shows great contrast with your other fabrics.

Color 1) 1 1/8 yd
Color 2)  1 yd
Bckgrd)  1 1/8 yd
Color 4)  1 1/4 yd          if using 5 colors 7/8 yd and then color z) 3/8

Now you have a couple weeks to get the fabrics and then the 1st I will post some cutting. Any questions post comment here (just in case it might be helpful to others). Thanks

Now lets see some eye candy

 This is Margie's I believe she called it Think Spring. I know some of you are ready for spring but I love the snow and cold. This is a beauty though. Margie always does so well with colors. I will say that Margie starches all her fabric after she pre washes it. So her quilts are wonderfully square. The first time the hubby saw some of the excess starch on one of her tops he thought he had done something to it. Oh he puts on the tops on the long arm. Isn't he a sweetie. Well anyway it was funny to me to see him a little worried.  I love the fabric in this top and I really enjoyed the color combinations that Margie used. Once again Miss Margie great top!

Just a pic of the back to show the quilting.

See ya later


  1. What is the 3/8 for at the bottome of the yardage given for your MQ? I can't believe you haven't told about Santa's big gift to you aka Perry,LOL!

  2. Carm the 3/8 is amount for the 5th color if you are doing it in 5 not 4. Just went to the next row but I fixed that so it is all on one row now.


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