Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fri Night Sew In and ......

Ok so last night was the first Friday Night Sew IN of the year. I sewed and I am remembering to post about it. First off if you want to be part of it go here to Heidi. she is one of the hosts of this. It is just an encouragement to get something done. Sew what did I sew. First I tried to finish a top that  I had started for a demo at club this past week. I only had 3 rows made and got busy on the rest. Now first off if you know me then you know if I got something done that fast it would be a miracle,so I got stumped on my border.
Here it is, it is called Twilight by Saginaw St Quilt Co. It uses the ruler Curves for Rectangles from Creative Grids. I bought both the pattern and the ruler in a shop in Joplin, MO this past summer. I believe the name of the place is Sew Neat. I just know my Mom goes there and calls it Brenda's. She had the top hanging and I fell in love, had to have. I don't usually pay much attention to tops or quilts hanging around, but this one caught me. I knew I wanted it bigger than the pattern and I definitely wanted something a bit more umph for the border. So I took some of the pieces that you make and I cut them again and sewed them into these little border pieces,but now I am not sure. I am thinking that I want to get one purple batik for the frame out border then put these pieced ones. My problem is that when I make these border pieces I have two and the other ones are the opposite of these shown meaning that the lights are the long triangles and the dark would be where the lights are now. So that would  mean I would have to make twice as many and I know I don't have the fabric for that. So............resting on this one moved on to the next.
This is the Morning Star block from Quilters Cache. I did a swap of these on one of my Internet groups. But I wanted more so I started adding my own to them making and making them,but I guess it got to late can you see what I did. Or shall I say what I forgot to do. Yep That will be ripping out for football game tomorrow. I have decided that I want to add another row to the side to make it 6x7. I know you can't see all of it on here but trust me it will be 6blocks x 7 blocks with a wild border. This will be called MM'S, for the blocks in it will be from Mary, Maggie and Susan. I went to bed when I found this mistake and now I am going back to the quilting machine and see what kind of trouble I can cause there.

All in all it was a great Friday Night Sew In even tho I didn't get done what I wanted to but next month I am going to bring these two back out and finish at least one of em. Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for throwing these Friday night parties.

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  1. on the first quilt use the light pieces to border the top and right side and the darker set to border the left and bottom. it will be a subtle difference and either no one will notice or you will get awards for being creative. lovely quilt , I must stop by the shop next time that far west. cw


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