Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mystery and old bag challenges

Hi all it has been awhile! I hope every ones Holiday was just the bestest ever. We had a very Blessed time here in IN. My family in MO always has Christmas the week before, I was unable to go but I had my kids here that day so we could participate via phone. I bought a couple items off the family auction (which reminds I must get the check in the mail). My sister in KS bought the zebra quilt that I sent down.

My son who is going through a Divorce finally got a court order for visitation on the 23rd. So with very little notice he got the kids on Christmas night till this past Thursday. Well you know he had to work so guess who got the kids! Yep grandma got grandma time. I am worn out, I had such grand plans of quilting but!!!
 I would watch the kids through the day and then he would either come her or I would drive them to his house so he could spend the evenings with them and then they would sleep at my house. Yep I know why we have kids when we are young!

I wanted to start the mystery but with them here plans have changed. Starting JAN 15th I will start posting the mystery.
JAN15 fabric requirements
FEB1 Cutting
FEB 15 Sewing
MAR 1 Cutting
MAR 15 Sewing
APR 1 Cutting
APR15 Sewing
this mystery is traditional pieced and is a 2 thimble in difficulty out of 3. (ya like that terminology)

I did go through some old floppy discs last night and found some pics of quilts I thought I would share. These three tops were  bag challenges. This first one Judy sent me a bag of scraps with a bit of yardage. I had to make something out of it and this is what I came up with. This is off of a pattern called Message in a Bottle by  Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. I of course made the border different.

This top Mary sent me these diamonds or were they in the strips.Oh who knows. Mary would!  I really wanted to do something different. My thought was to make them look like they blew up  but they ended up just looking like they are falling or blowing in the wind.
This was for Teresa, she sent me the Ohio Star blocks all made up she had gotten them in a swap and then she had the 9 patch squares made up in matching fabrics. Se then sent matching squares and yardage in a coordinating print. All this made me nervous, like she already had a plan and I better figure it out. I never did hear if she like the top for her life to a sudden change and she has been off the net shortly before receiving this back. But I loved how it turned out.  Just hit me I should have done this for the mystery. Well guess maybe I should write up a pattern for this one, just in case later down the road.

Ok so that is it for now. Don't forget to check back in for the mystery.

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