Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time Flies

Ok I know it has been weeks! Believe it or not I have been busy. I still have my Trunkshow photos to go through and share them with you. But for now I have quilts and more quilts.

This is Karen H's, the color is messed up with my camera on this one. Believe me it is a beautiful quilt and more green than the yellow. I quilted the feather meander on it and it turned out great, I hope she loves it as much as I do.

This is Anita H's string pieced pinwheels. I believe she said she started this almost 10 years ago. A UFO almost done and out of her way. I know that will make her happy, this is quilted with swirls.

I went to a retreat the first weekend of NOV and I spent the time teaching classes and bordering tops I have had for years. This is the mystery that I did. I had saw this quilt on some web site and wanted it. So I drafted my own pattern. I have no clue as to the real name of the top but I call it weaving ribbons. (the red looks like a ribbon weaving in and out). No that is not me in the pic. That is Janet a gal from club she was seated there and with the room set up there is no good place to show quilts without some one in the pic so Janet is it in all my pics from that night.

This quilt is a row by row that I did on the Yahoo group Quilting in Indiana. I call this Pinwheels Across Indiana. I love the bright! Thanks ladies I can't wait to quilt this one. Janet again gracing the pic.

This top was a demo I did on Stacking the Deck. Yep some book by someone can't remember who, and not going to go dig for it. This was simple and really turned out neat.

This was a mystery that I did at retreat a couple of years ago. Take a scrappy 9-Patch and triangles and arrange them in different patterns to get a different look. These two are the same block just set different.Yep Janet again taking center stage.

The top row is blocks I started at the retreat when I got bored of bordering. The bottom row is the row by row that I am doing for club and belongs to Anita.
I have another quilt done but it is still on the machine so maybe tomorrow I can get a pic of it andposted.
See I have been busy. I had one of the grandkids yesterday and he spent the night. Yes I woke up tired. I don't know why but I never sleep good when one of the kids are around. They are not babies but I still worry. What if? What if? Grandpa went and got cereal for breakfast and I started feeding Kyler the Halloween candy that was left. Yep he was pretty wound up by the time his daddy come and got him. Well isn't that my job as grandma? Really he was a good boy stayed on Nick junior playing games, or chasing the dog. It was great to spend time with him.
Ok enough for now. Guess I will go get that other quilt off the machine.

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