Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peek-A-Boo Quilt as you Go Instructions

Take your 6½" squares and press with wrong sides togehter on the diagonal. Do this for all 16 squares this way.
This is what your pieces for the wall hanging will look like.

Draw a line ½" from each side on the wrong side of the background squares, thus making a 6½" square drawn on the 7½" piece of background fabric.

Do this to all 4 pieces.

Take your 4" squares and pin or fabric glue to the center of the wrong side of the background square. Do to all 4.

*If using batting put a 6½" piece on top of the background piece then add your 4" square.*

Your 16 squares that are now triangles (and will be referred to as that) the ones that you want as your pinwhell will be referred to as #1 and #2. Always use #1 in the same corner and #2 in the same corner. # 3and #4 can be different.

Take a #1 triangle and lay it with it's 90º corner to the lower left drawn corner of the background square.

Take the #2 triangle and lay it's 90º corner to the upper left drawn corner with it's pooint over the #1.

Take the #3 triangle and with it's 90º corner place it to the upper right corner over lapping the #2 piece.

Take the #4 triangle and with it's 90º corner , place it in the lower right corner over lapping the #3 BUT pick up the right point leg of #1 and put on top of the #4.

Do these for all 4 pieces.

This is what your layout will look like. Make sure that all your pieces are the same with #1 and #2. The #3 and #4 can be different.

Flip over and take the background piece off and stay stitch a ¼". Stop in the corners just where the two pieces meet and turn there. Do this to a four corners. *Doing this on the wrong side allow puckers to made on the back side and will be hidden later.*

Take the background piece and lay it with the wrong side up, place batting *if using* then the center 4" square and line up. Place your stay stitched triangle pieces back on the background piece right side up.

Top stitch or quilt by starting at the of #1 and #4, just take the folded edge and fold it back about ½" in the center and the point will naturally taper off to nothing. Starting at the point start stitching ¼" inside your stay stitch line, stitch up on side, stopping beofre you get to #4 (which is underneath) fold #4 back and then stitch over it. Continue stitching to #2, fold it back and stitch just to it. Needle down and turn, take a few stitches and turn to the stitch down the other side, stopping at your starting point. Cut and go to your next corner. Repeat but you will not have to stop and fold the underneath piece back now for it is the one you just previously stitched over.

Lay these four pieces out in a pinwheel formation. Take the top two and stitch together. To do this fold back the background fabric and stitch on or just over the stay stitch line. * Make sure you do not catch the backing fabric*

Do this with to you bottom two pieces also.

Take each sewn pair and flip over to the back side. *Trim any excess backing fabric as needed.*Lay one side of backing fabric flat under the other side. Fold the top fabric side under and whip stitch *or use your favorite stitch*

Then sew the two halves together and make the same seam with this center seam.

Bind to finish off.

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