Sunday, December 18, 2016


Youy know life always has a way of  making sure to keep you on your toes. Changes, I never thought I was a stodgy ole fool that couldn't go with the flow but in the last couple years I've struggled. It started with Digital camerra! I loved the one with the floppy disc, remember those yu just took the pic plugged the floppy in and transfered the pics. Then that camera broke and I had to 'upgrade' Life has never been the same. I don't know how manycameras I have went through it seems I'm rough on them and the wires!Oh My Desktop gets old and outdated  cameras break laptop sucks it has a cursor that is from the devil itself. The darn cursor flies all over the page and I could be typing away and then all the sudden the cursor jumps up into previous paragraph middle of sentences and takes up there. Some say its "I'm hovering over the cursor pad so I got wireess mouse and that didn't solve the problem.Now look at the mess. I'm not even sure which goes to which anymore. So to cut this story short I got a new tablet and this cute wireless keyboard to go with thi it. so now I can take the pics witht the tablet and nowmore wires in the drawer they go.

Cha Change the Hubby is without work and only being in late fifties we are not ready for retirement. Ok so maybe we are but finiancially we are not. Far far from it. But for a man that has only been a dairyman working with cows what can he do? Weelll I convinced him that I haad a long arm just sitting there all day long doing nothing. Most complaints from quilters about long armers is the wait! So if he learned to do pantos and gave a quick turn around he could contribute to our finiances. But you have to practice practice practice. So now months later he is building up a client base, yay him, and anytime he does a new pantograph he has to do it on one of my quilts first. Look at this pile waiting for binding now. And last year I had a record amount of finishes. 18! 

Right now with his client list it is taking hime within a week to get his quilts out. Thats one thing I can say about him, he's not lazy and when it comes in he wants it out the door. 

The next change in the form of our new puppy. Dixie. And what a change it has been. Lil Miss Dixie Marie DeLight has been an eye opening experience. 

We got her when she was 4 mos old and now at 9 mos we have found that being a Great Dane mommy and daddy is more trying than a human baby. I never baby proofed a house but I am Dixie proofing this one. Well it's time to get to bindiing some quilts. I have a few 

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