Sunday, November 13, 2016

OOPS I've been lax

I really really try to post but it seems things just get away from me. Last post I was getting ready for retreat. Travelling 650 miles to go to a retreat maybe crazy but I had fun and got to spend time with family. I made new friends and hope to see them again and again. I didn't short sheet anyone and kept my snoring to a mild level.  So all was good.

My goal was to get my newest grandson his quilt made. He's 8 and his mommy married my son last July 4th. He has autism so his mommy wanted the puzzle quilt.
Ask and you shall get. And now it's quilted too. Binding will be fine during football!

I also was commissioned to make a baby quilt. You know everybody wants a handmade till they find out how much it will cost. Since it was a co worker/friend of my hubby I gave her a break. I also told her the prices of fabric at quilt shops verses department store. If course she like something at the department store and I said hold it up if you can see through it like tissue paper, stay away from it. Well she bought it and i was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Yes better than I thought. 

Several years ago I met a wonderful lady, so talented and nice. Never met a nicer woman. She came to a retreat that I host. We became good friends. She was a member of a local quilt club but I'm not. BUT I do attend their retreats. If course I love retreats. Well this sweet woman had a severe stroke after one of these retreats and is in nursing home. She's unmarried and no children. Her family had an estate auction to help pay for her nursing care. I purchased a small tub with fabric and a quilt started in it. So I took this also so I could finally finish it.

 So this it it. 

Add you can tell I'm trying to clean up some UFO's so the next one is a peacock panel I've had for a couple years. Out collecting those  row by row experience rows I saw a package of fabrics I thought would work with this panel. It had a plain blue and a piece with the peacock feathers and some floral and a stripe. So I bought it.  I didn't use the floral and I had to bum a bit of jade, but here it is
Hmm just not sure what I'm going to do with this one.

Then last but not least, I got one of  Quilts  Valor finished.
See I have been doing something. So till next time.
Sew on

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