Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grilling time

Yep the grill is fired up and the T-Bones are on! It seems I got nothing done this winter, but I know I am ready for the change of seasons. Winter was mild but my mood was frozen! I have to climb out of the funk and get busy. So far this year I have had this virus twice, and neither time has it been fun. I am not one that normally gets sick but twice already this year!. Not a good sign of things to come. I did get Devons birthday quilt done for him, I can't believe he turned 13. It seems like just yesterday this little cutie came up to me and puthis little chin in his hands and asked me to be his grandma. Oh how special is that, he chose ME! He wasn't even two when my son started dating his mother and now all these years later he still has that special place in my heart as my oldest grandchild.
He  seemed to have liked it! Dragons and Flames is what he wanted and that is what he got. I had this top lying around for years now just waiting to do something with it. So this was the time. Add some more dragons and redo some of the blocks. This top in the most part was made by Darlene Krake for me in a bag challenge. I gave her lots of scraps to work with, which is not an easy task, then she had a death in her family. She was so worried that I didn't like the top, nope just waiting for the right time to give it out. I thought when the boys were younger but I am glad I saved it for he loved it. Thanks Darlene for all the hard work you put in on the top. As you can see by his smile he was happy!

Here is the Maple Leaf Fall Row by Row that I am doing. These leaves belong to Marti. Only 5 of us joined in so we are doing one row plus one block. So the second row is mine and the second leaf also.

This next Row by Row is Kathy's, she chose the Split star pattern and to do it in light and dark batiks! What a stunner this will be when finished.

This Row by row is Carols, she took her top outside the box. Instead of making a starter row she made all the weeping willows. Then as we made our rows we made 6 houses but some of us added our house to the top row and took one of her willows and put it to our row. I don't know sometimes these people make me think way to much. lol  So those are the ones I have done right now.

This is a top I have been wanting to make for years now. It is made with the X-block from quiltqueendesigns. Nope not affiliated with them but check em out. I love their pattens and the template. Maybe someday I will get it quilted. I hope by the 4th of July so I can have it outside on the porch.

This is Diana's, I know she made this for a wedding quilt and I want to say Wow, she must have been collecting those batiks for awhile!  And thent he time in piecing this baby! but what a wonderful quilt!

And here is Rose's. We did this as a group at a retreat. It used to be on the internet as a free pattern but since I didn't do it. (Yes I worked on UFO instead, and I didn't get the pattern thinking I would just look it up someday) I can't tell you the name of the pattern.  rose loved this easy to piece pattern and made a couple of them, I think! Red is her favorite color and so she is keeping this one for herself.
Well now that sort of catches you up on what I have been doing but not quite, I still have a few things to show you but I am still learning my new camera and I think I may have deleted a few but I still have to go and figure that out too. Sew bye for now

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  1. Love the split starr !!! Yummy!!!!! Anf the batik log cabin....OOHHHH!! Wonderful quilts. Hugs


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