Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

Last night was Friday Night Sew In and it started out slow. Hubby and I took the grand kids out to eat and then they came home with me for awhile. My little Savanah is going to do Mini 4-H this year and wants to sew so we sat and read the paper on her projects. I hope I have the patience for it. After they left I got to work on this baby quilt I call 'And one Flew South' this is for my great nephew Kevin. He lives in Joplin, Mo and is already a month old. I try to give to the niece and nephew's first born, can't keep up with any more than that! But I have to get my butt in gear or this one will graduate before I  get this done.

This is Margie's Big Splash and she wanted to tie this! TIE it on no. So I conned her into letting me quilt this, well then you know it had to live up to the 'you gotta have it quilted', I guess maybe she will comment on here if she liked it or not.

Well headed off to Northern Indiana Gathering of Quilters, so be back later.


  1. Wow you do beautiful work! Nice quilting on that Splash quilt. I love Kevin's work in progress quilt-very cute.

  2. I think she will love it when you are done!!! It is a beutiful and unique quilt...I love it!! And Little Kevin's quilt is just to cute!! Thanks so much for signing up with my Get Em'Done project. I look forward to seeing them done. Hugs to you. Sandie

  3. Hi Susan, thanks for visiting me at my blog.... what a lovely little quilt you are doing and that is a fun one for you to quilt too... congrats on your FNSI prize.... wonderful

  4. Congrats on being the FNSI draw winner!

  5. This is coming along so nicely - I really like it. And you have the cutest name for it! Margie's turned out wonderful - good job talking her into you quilting it. It just wouldn't be the same if it was tied.


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