Sunday, May 1, 2011

More mystery and an oops 243rd pics

Well I know someone out there is making this but for some reason no one has mentioned the fact that I asked for you to sew things that you didn't even cut. I had been calling my color 1 and color 2 the same number but I have corrected it and you can find it here.  I had asked you to cut color 1 but then when I asked you to sew it I called it color 2 and there were no such pieces.  I hope that with the pics you can understand everything. It really isn't that hard. I just wish I could have gotten this proof read. I have done it twice but since I know (OK family members don't say a word) what I am doing then I just skipped right over it. I will be back in a couple of days to finish this out. But you should stay busy for now.

This is  a quilt I made for a soldier. It went to retired MSG Robert Baldwin of Parsons KS. And the bottom quilt a friend and I made, and it went to retired MSG Robert Mikels of Parsons, KS

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  1. OK, family members yada yada... I rsemble that comment. Can't help it, but,,,hope the screw up didn't mess anyone up. Really liked the snails tails in your last post. Does look cool with the sashing.


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