Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mystery Time Sewing

are around.

First cutting instructions up to this point are found here.

This is the second set of sewing instructions so lets go. Take the 40 bckgrd 3" sqs you just cut and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side. Then draw a stitch line 1/4" on each side of that line. Layer this RS (right side) together with the Color 4, 3" sqs you just cut. Stitch on your two stitch lines and cut down the center line. Press these open to the dark side and trim to 2½"  You now have 80 HST.
Take on of these units and with Color 4 on bottom right lay right side up, take a Color 1 2½" sq  place right side down, stitch across unit so when opened it looks as shown here.

My bckgrd color is the grey looks blue in this pic. Color 4 is the magenta.

Now take the 4½" x 2½" Color 1 rectangle and sew it to the unit you made in previous sewing.

Your unit will now look like this. Make 80 of these.

Take both the units you made now and put in your bag for later.

That is it for now.

Ok now take all those squares I just had you cut and make a diagonal line on the wrong side of the bckgrd fabric. Then mark a line 1/4" from each side of this line, for stitch lines. Layer the bckgrd with a color 4 sq and stitch on the stitch lines. Cut apart on the center line. Press open and square up to 2½".

Take the unit from  2 pics above the one with the Color 4 half square triangle and the color 1 sq and add another color 4 half square triangle to the color 1 sq. adding the HST so the pattern points into the other HST. this unit is shown on the left in this pic.
To make the unit on the right add a 2½", color 2 sq to a color 4 HST add the the sq to the color 4 of the HST. Then sew this unit onto the unit from above.

You will be making 80 of each of these.

Take the above unit on the right and make a quarter turn counter clockwise and sew it to the bottom of the unit on the left. You will be making 80 of these.
Your unit will now look like this. Make 80 of these. To set these together, if using the Color Z just rotate these units clockwise one quarter turn. The center will form a pinwheel and your 4 corners will be your Zinger. If using only 4 colors just keep eye on the 4 corners they will form a block. I thought I had downloaded a pic but I guess it is still on the camera.  Now using the 1½" strips or one inch which ever you have, cut out of the fabric you have set aside more strips to match the size you have. These will be a frame out border. Your quilt is 4 blocks x 5 blocks, 48½x60½, so make your frame out strips to match. I always do the short side first, so make two strips 48½", mixing up the colors. Then make two strips 62½ if using 1½" strips or 61½" if using 1" strips. Make borders to suit.

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