Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mystery Time

Sorry for the delay. I have hit that age where I decided that I needed a full and complete health check up. Spent just about every night after work at the DR office this past week. So far they say I am normal, now my hubby would disagree with that but so far so good. Earlier in the week I tried to get the flu bug but I felt it coming on and I went and got the Halls Defense  with Zinc and Echinacea. Those little drops really work. I felt so much better but then the Dr visits started. I still have a couple results outstanding and have one more test on the agenda. But at least it will be done and I can get on with it.  So I am trying to put all the cutting together in one spot and then the sewing will be  put together in another one. These will be on the side bar soon. But till then here is more cutting.

Cutting 2

Color 1 Cut 5 strips WOF at 2½" and sub cut in to 80- 2½" sqs.

Color 1 Cut 10 strips WOF at 2½" and sub cut in to 80- 4½"x2½" rectangles

Color 4 Cut 3 strips WOF at 3" and sub cut these into 40- 3" sqs.

Bckgrd Get 3 strips WOF at 3" that has been set aside and sub cut these into 40- 3" sqs.

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  1. I'm just guessing they didn't do a mental test? lol Lov ya sissy!


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