Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update mystery and...

Wow just when I start to breathe my son comes over with my grandkids. Now you would think that this is great and in most ways it is but... my precious grandkids are just a little how do I put it politely, rambucious. Kyler is 8 and wants to spend every waking moment on my lap, hanging on my shoulder or just with me. Savanah 5 is into everything and if I pick it up she wants it and wants to know what I do with it and why. Devon 12 is just bored and well you know how that goes. Now of course you know the son sits and watches TV and tries to entertain the kids with a movie but they only see him and I only every other weekend so clingie is the word. I send them all outside and I try to get to the sewing room or the computer but they catch me. G'ma I want to play on the computer! so when they are here I don't get anything done but cooking for them. I love those 3 but they are exhausting for sure.

Find more of the sewing for the mystery here. scroll to the bottom of the page for the sewing. All new sewing is in red print. I will post more later. I don't have the kids over this weekend so I should be able to get to it with out any problems. lol.

Here's a quilt that I did for Michelle.So birght and beautiful. I love the colors in this. Such a joy to work on something so wonderful. Yes can you tell I really like the bright colors. Such a great pattern too. I didn't think that a sashing in between these blocks would look good but this quilt proves me wrong! It is out of batiks  and just stunning. Great job Michelle.

This is a quilt pic that I found hanging out on my computer. It was done as a row x row. But when the owner Joynell, got it back she decided that she wanted to re-set the blocks, so she took all the time to rip out the whole top and set them on point with a plain yellow setting square. She doubled the size of the top and boy isn't it a stunner! I am glad I got to quilt this one. She de a great job and resewing it together!!

This quilt was made by Mary. I am sure it went off to CA soon after she got the binding on for a great grandchild. I think this may be one of my most favorite surprise blocks. I call it a surprise for when I first saw this block I tossed it aside thinking 'how boring', but some people way smarter than me have used it and have made these wonderful quilts out it. This is just another example of how to make this simple block into a wonderful quilt. Way to go Mary.

So enough for now. Will be back in a shorter time to update the mystery. Thanks for your patience on this.

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