Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fri Night Sew IN and Can Creativity Be Lost

Well I have done it! For months now I sign up for the Fri night sew in and I sew but I never post about it so I am going to do it now even before the photos are taken. After coming home from eating out I got busy quilting a clients quilt. Yep that is how I spent the Fri night sew in. It seems I can't stand at the machine for long periods of time. OK really I can't do anything for long periods of time. I guess that is why it is so hard for me to finish a quilt I get bored of it before to long. And I guess that is why I have some many UFO's. So anyhow in between times of (I call it resting) I did piece together some scraps for a pillow flange and binding. Months ago I did a bag challenge but never sent the finished item to the owner for I was asked to demo the block construction for our state guild.Stacy wsa kind enough to let me keep the top until this was done.  I didn't get to go to the state meeting, becuz my dad had surgery, but a friend did it for me. So I decided since I have kept this womans top for so long I would quilt it. Yes advantage of having a Gammill on hand. Well in my resting moments last night (I normal look at patterns to start something new) I decided that I would use the left overs and make a pillow case for the quilt. When I get the pillow case photographed I will post it all. so that was my Fri night sew in. maybe I cna ge the photos up tomorrow but til then look at these.
This is Karen's Christmas Scraps and boy is it a beauty. So clever use of fabrics. I get some sort of brain freeze when it comes to Christmas fabrics. I have a hard time with them. Yep so fall colors and Christmas colors are my downfall.  My sister and I have a chllenge with Christams frabrics going on. I bet she makes something wonderful with hers and I don't even think I can find mine. But getting way off track, this simple block made such a beauty of a quilt. I used Jingle Bell Dance panto from Meadowlyon on this. I really like this panto it is such a great Christmas pattern. I think it really looks great on this quilt. I hope Karen loves this as much as I do. Her is a pic of it a little closer.

This is another one of Karen's. I want to say that this was swap blocks but I am not sure. I seem to remember a swap of this sort sometime back. but I could be totally wrong. I have been before and I am sure I will again.Here is a close up of it.

Now here is my question in the header. Can Creativity be lost? I was given this wonderful baby quilt. It is such a cutie. She told me she wanted stars. soem meandering stars in it. If I could do something else with stars then do that on the borders. BLANK I couldn't think of one thing to do for the borders. On hand I feel liek a heel for not being able to do anything for her and on the other hand I am wondering have I lost it? I have never (at least not like this) before, drew such a blank when it comes to quilting. It has me worried. These past couple quilts have been pantos so that is easy. I am worried that the next custom job, creativity won't be there. Can it be lost, Will it come back??????? I felt so bad about his one I didn't even charge her full price for it. Could stress be getting to me?? I hope this was a fluke and it doesn't happen again. I love standing in front of the machine and just creating. I hate to think that it would be gone. But anyhow here is the cute little baby quilt.

Ok I need to get pics taken of what I did last night and oh what got  done today. It will amaze you!

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  1. These look great. You did a fabulous job on both. Now to get the binding on them.
    The H blocks were a swap sometime last year or the year before last that Mary hosted.


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