Saturday, November 27, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving. It was the first year that I did not cook. it is also the first year that I didn't get to see my grand kids. This was a downer for the day and week and month and well til the divorce is settled their mom is with holding them from us. could go on for days on this but lets move right along before I get depressed.

The and................. I forgot to post, so here it is. Months ago I was away back home in MO and the hubby goes to an auction and makes a couple of purchases. When I get home I was pleasantly surprised with these two beauties.
These two  wall hangings are  hand quilted machine pieced. I don't know the maker of them and neither have labels on them. but I love em just the same. I can't believe the hubby got them for me. He is the one always complaining I have to much stuff in the house and I need a scoop shovel and trash dumpster to get it cleaned out. Well now I have the man trained!!! He got each of these for $20.00 and they both came with their rods to hang on the wall.  This flying geese one had a cute wooden rod with the hearts on the end. Take the hearts off and slip the wall hanging on. The second wall hanging the flowers, was on a cream metal rod with silver tips. I had to trade the rods on the quilts to fit the spaces on my walls to hang them. But never less $20.00 !!! I believe he got a good deal. He even picked up a floor quilt rack for displaying the quilts. It now sits at the end of the bed in the downstairs bedroom. this pretty blue floral wall hanging  is a lot prettier in person. Don't let the goldie walls fool ya.

This next quilt is Karen O's and we have dubbed it the monster. I believe she used that in her description and I have kept in suit with it. I am not a homespun collector and really have no plaids in my stash. (you know I have found by keeping this blog I am really biased in my stash. And I need to learn to branch out more) but when I opened this top to quilt it, I never wanted it to leave. She gave me a brief history of it making by calling it a monster. Now if she didn't then I am putting words in her mouth for I took that out of her words. But since reading her little excerpt I have called it the monster, maybe cuz it is so huge. We chose a panto to do on this one, it looks wonderful!   I would think that the stars where from a swap, but not sure. If so what a cleaver clever way to use them up. I think that is what is so cool about quilting for others is to see what and how each one uses their blocks and specially their orphans. Sometimes I get so many ideas in my head from the quilts that I quilt that I feel I am going to explode. OH maybe that is just from all the food I have eaten this weekend. But it is a beauty of a monster and I hope she is pleased with what I did on it. If not I volunteered to keep it for her.                                                                                               

Close up of the monster! Great job Karen O can't wait to see what you do next!

Well I have one of mine own to do today so I better get with it!

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  1. Sorry you didn't get to love on the grandkids, just means extra hugs next time you all get together.
    Invite DIL over post turkey day for left overs.

    Love the large quilt, great job- I enjoy seeing quilts that just seem to grow and grow.


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