Sunday, September 25, 2016

Turning over a new leaf, Maybe

I'm going to try and I mean really try to blog at least one day of the week. So here's to trying to catch up. My dear hubby is taking over my edge to edge quilting. Since I work outside the home and he is now on limited days at work he's been learning. No learning is over and he's taken it over. With him being here 80/90 % of the time he can offer an edge to edge at a reasonable price in just a couple week turn around. This gives me more time to piece, sew, cut or blog.  So here's what I've been doing.

These shoes,I couldn't resist. I had gotten a high heel shoe pantograph for the long arm and I knew I wanted some fancy high heels to go with it. Lo and behold I was on a shop hop and there they were. This will go to my step daughter when it's all said and done.
 These cute Sun Bonnet Sues were from a swap in 2006. I finally set them  January 2014 at a retreat. I wish I could show the swappers m my quilt but I haven't been on my Yahoo  in years. When they changed their format I got lost.

Then I'm working on this applique project. The outer blocks were made 4 years ago add a buck a  (I think) at the local quilt shop. I had enough of the purples to make a couple extra blocks. I also on a shop hop found a bolt of the black on sale. Oh not the whole bolt but enough. So now I'm dabbling in designing the center motif. I'll leave it add a surprise se as to what the finish product may look like.
 Then I'm working on cutting strips for a swap at a retreat.
That's my today!

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