Friday, October 19, 2012

Not doing so good, Give away info

Nope I am not doing so good on posting everyday. BUT I will say that this will be the 3rd post of the month and I had dwindled down to one post a month so yes it is better. I have so much to say that I just get to busy to say anything. The summer was very busy and it seemed to fly by. I bought a new car and managed to put 6,000 miles in 5 weeks. So yes I logged a lot of miles on the interstate. But all my trips were fun and glad I did them.
If you have noticed on the left side bar I have completed items in 2012 well here are two of them that I have never posted. This first one I call sherbet n paisley, and it was a mystery, I am guessing in 2009. Yes I have decided that I have Adult ADD! I start something but soon move onto something else, eventually I get back to it, like years later. But it is done! I really like it even tho I first thought it was too boring for my taste.

This second quilt was a row x row with my local quilt club.I call this newspaper spinners.  Two weeks after the swap started, as hostess, I found out that one lady had not sent her starter. So after contacting her I find that she isn't going to do it. I had to plan something FAST. I had done these blocks as a lottery months earlier and thought that they would make a beautiful quilt so I sewed up my first couple blocks ran them over to the next quilter in line and gave them to her with hastily drawn up instructions. I then went back home and finished my blocks and made up my journal. Well in between the time I made the first two blocks and when I finished the row I did something different and I wrote up the instructions in the journal different.  Yes sometimes I feel sorry for those that have to deal with me. But the quilt turned out wonderful spite it all. I gave this quilt to a co worker that had recently lost his home to a fire. I work with his Aunt too and she stated they lost everything, so work is giving a fund raiser for him this next weekend and I donated the quilt so they could raffle it, but the Aunt thought it would be better to just give them the quilt since they have nothing. It didn't matter to me I just wanted to help in some sort of way. She passed the quilt onto them yesterday and apparently they loved it. Glad it went to a good home!

This bright beauty is called M n M'S and it's life started out as a block swap. Only one person participated in the swap Mary. The swap consisted of pairs of the block, which is designed to show you how to make the star sashing. Our direction were to do bright prints with coordinating sashes with black stars. So I swapped with Mary and they sat for years. I decided to try the swap again. This time only Maggie did the swap. but I loved this design and just new that I wanted a big quilt. So I kept making the blocks. Since I had 2 each from Mary and Maggie, I made pairs of my own. There are a few that aren't pairs but most are. I just love this quilt and I really had plans to put this on  my bed BUT my grand daughter claimed it for her birthday quilt.sniffle sniffle, snuff, snuff.
So anyway there's my finishes.

So now onto the GiveAway, it is two posts down. All you have to do is comment on the original post and you will be in the running for this great pattern book and the Christmas magazine. Of course if you want to follow me you know what to do.  Thanks


  1. Beautiful quilts and all so different :)

  2. Did you say BORING? hahahahhaha

    1. Oh Mary maybe that was you that said that! lol


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