Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogtoberfest and Give away

Day 6 of Blogtoberfest and my first new post. Well I guess that is better than the once a month I was doing. I was to go see the Grand kids today but I had to work. On A SAT!!! After work I came home and worked on some applique leaves. All right for all you out there that applique, what scissors do you use to cut out those little bugers?  These leaves are not the easy peasy nope they are the curvy and I hate the cutting out of them.
This is my pile of leaves. They have three sizes and I have two of them here, the large and the small. I have all of the small and medium ones cut. I only have one of the large ones cut and have about twelve more of them to go. I have a lot of them to sew together yet. The pattern called for all the leaves to be the same color but I decided to go with a more scrappy look.  This is for a club raffle quilt that I am in charge of. Like a fool I thought it was time to do an applique quilt. So here is half of the top.
This pattern is from The Bee Creek Quilting Company and is called Morning Glories for Diane.  Since this was to be a club quilt  I had to figure out how to get everyone to participate, so everyone was asked to sew pastels into a 4patch and give a few extra blocks (to add to sides when done, to make bigger). I then sewed them together but left it into a four piece. Then a fellow club member that is an expert in applique marked the top for the vines and made the vines. we bagged them into 4 separate bags and passed them out at our last meeting. I have two of them back.. The top piece has a couple of the leaves pinned on.  The Expert Appliquer is making the Morning Glories while I make the leaves. I am sure she is done and has done a better job than me, but I am learning. I'll keep you posted on the progress as it gets done.

This was a challenge for a local shop. The pattern was Happy Hearts from Pie Plate Designs. It was 6 rows of hearts and we just had to use at least one heart from each row. This is what I made. I didn't gt it finished but I took it anyway. As you can tell I sure didn't see hearts with this pattern. Since it wasn't finished I am thinking I might add WELCOME to the top and make it to hang out by the door this spring. Or at least somebodies door.

Don't forget the giveaway of one magazine and one book.
To enter you just have to leave a post on the original post. One post down. So go on read the next post and enter.

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