Friday, July 20, 2012

What in the world!!!!!!

It seems like only yesterday I made a post but then I look up and it has been well over a month. Gosh what in the world is going on. I just got back from vacation but then I look at the date and it has been a couple of weeks. What in the world is going on. Life it seems is just flying by and I am getting nothing done. So vacation consisted of going home, South West Missouri, South East Kansas area. We had a great family reunion at my parents house and I tie-dyed for the first time (ok that I can remember). Surely I did this back in the 70's but I don't remember it. We had kids of all ages from 3 years to 83 years. And it was a blast! My big vacation plan was to do a shop hop with quilt shops I had never been to, so with one sister driving and mother, cousin and another sister and me off we went.
Here is the first shop we stopped at. It was out in the country just outside of Pea Ridge Arkansas. For some reason I think I have been past this shop some other time in my life. It was on a curve and a house sit right around that curve. It just reminded me of some other place I have seen some other time in my life. The staff in there was so pleasant and very helpful. These are my finds there 
I needed some black and white for a binding I had at home in waiting. BUT didn't use it after all so aww shucks I have extra fabric. The wagon wheel fabric just seemed to call my name. WHY? I like brights and do any of these look bright. Oh what is happening to me.

The second shop on our stop was in in Pea Ridge. I had to do a double take. In Celina OH. there is a Linda's Sew N Sew, so here I am at another, just not Linda's. I go in side and wow the brights! I drooled and stroked many bolts, but look what I ended up with. LOL not bright. The orangie barbed wire I thought would look good as a border for a barn quilt I am working on.  As I was getting my fabric cut the nice gentleman was telling me how the shop had been his wife Linda's but she passed 3 yrs ago from cancer. So it was another Linda's after all. He and his daughter were carrying on at the shop.  He was a wonderful gentlemen and a joy to buy form.                                                                                               

The Rabbits Lair was next and in Rogers Arkansas. Oh my if you were into wool that was you place. It had alot of embroidery floss also. Neither my cup of tea but oh they did have some beautiful fabrics too. After leaving there our chauffeur did drive me by The Rabbits Lair 2, the yarn shop. You notice I said drive by not stop. I wanted to cry but I was the only one in the car that caress' yarn too. I am a big girl and can handle life little disappointments so just by more fabric right!
See the yummies I got at The Rabbits lair! A wonderful batik  and a bluiesh I think will go with something I had already. Have I checked yet? NO but I will, I swear I will.

Sager Creek Quilts was next and it sits right on the creek in Siloam Springs, Ark. Oh and guess what it has knitting supplies. So guess who got to stroke some yarn! See my hand up, it was me! me! and look it is all I bought there. I was looking for some fabric with the right selvage edge but they didn't have it so I settled for the yarn. Believe me when I say the salesman tried to find what I wanted but sold out! Nice Nice people

Village Quilting is in Belle Vista Ark and I found the selvage I wanted. Something, anything with the designer of Susan in print on the edge. So now I have some snowmen and have no clue what to do with them but I can cut the selvage off and have my name in the next selvage edge project I do. Once again the sales people here were wonderful.

Lillie's was my last shop on this trip and it was the next day and in Independence KS. They were really closed but the door was unlocked so I opened it. I explained I was from Indiana and pleaseeeeeee. So the let us in. They were getting ready to have their closeout sale but none of the prices were in effect yet. But I didn't care.  Oh hey by the way that is my tie dyed shirt I made at the family reunion!
I got a wonderful light batik and a luscious brown and a to die for green. I have plans for the brown but the other two are going in the stash room to play with the others.

Here's a quilt my Mother did and I quilted it for her. This is on  her bed, she does such a good job with her colors and her applique and well with just everything. Some one asked me if my Mom gave all her quilts out. My first thought was well yeesss. She has 6 kids and 17 grand kids and  26 great kids and she makes quilts for all of em. (Numbers are appox) I hope I haven't forgotten anyone but oh it gets too hard to remember them all.  In fact the 6 siblings have two now, so surely she gives them all out.
 WRONG here are two cabinets overflowing with quilts. Plus of course she has them hanging everywhere in the house. So now you know where I caught the bug!
Of course we all know that we surf to look at the beautiful quilts so I will add these two of my Moms. Of course I quilted both of these too. While you are looking take a peek at the needlework on the wall of this top photo. It is some type of hand embroidery but I don't remember exactly what they call it. I just know that in the 70's my Mom worked on this forever. But it sure is worth it. (It's the lady in the full skirt)

So I guess that is enough for now

Sew On


  1. you picked some great shops to hop. Don't you just love Harold, he is a hoot. cw

  2. I so enjoy going with you guys when you go Shop Hopping. Maybe I'm rubbing off on you with my love of the muted colors. hahaha Had a good time trekking Northwest Arkansas. I WILL do my wool pieces when it cools down here. Can't get too excited to work with wool when the house stays a nice 110. Did I tell you I really like scarves (hint hint) lol. Luv ya, see ya!


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