Thursday, June 7, 2012

You know I have had no excuse for not blogging, except just haven't felt like it. But I have gotten word that I need to update so I guess there is someone out there that takes a peek and so I figure it is time for so eye candy.

The next two quilts belong to Denise. I went to a retreat with her years ago and I mean 5 or 6 and I taught this class on shuffled 9-patch. She called me couple months ago and told me she finally finished it. Yay Denise, but then she floored me when she said she had another one done too.

So this is her second quilt. She made this one for her little boy, now which boy I don't know she has had a second child since starting her quilting experience. Hmm wonder if that is what took her so long to get the first one done. lol  I just can't imagine trying to take care of little ones and quilting. Maybe I am just used to throwing my stuff all over since I don't have anyone here but the hubby, and her rarely comes to my sewing studio.  I cringe when the grand kids come over for fear that they will get into something so yes kudos Denise for quilting and raising the little family.
She called me from a quilt shop somewhere along the way from here to Florida wanting pics of a top I had showed her. Guess she is starting another one. Way to go Denise.

This is a T-shirt quilt from Monica. Once again I spent way to much time reading all the cute shirts.She spent alot of time color coordinating her sashings with her blocks and the result is superb eye candy. This is for her grand daughter, lucky girl

This is another from Margie. I really hope you can see what her topic is in this quilt. SEWING. What a great job on this one. I really really had a hard time giving it back to her. I mean the sewing gals are cute cute cute.
I used a pantograph on this one and it was of sewing stuff. Just the right quilt for it.

This is also Margie's and it is one of the few that she used a pattern for it. Most of the time Margie just takes a block and just goes with it and sees where it comes out, but every once in a blue moon she finds a pattern she just has to do. These Bento Boxes were just one of those patterns. Love the black and whites, love the Bento boxes, so there is nothing not to love on this one.Great job as always Margie.

Well I know there is more but it is supper time so I better get busy with that so I keep the Hubby happy and that way he lets me spend for more fabric or...........................

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