Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time presses on

Whether you want it to or not time keeps slipping right through our fingers.  I just don't know where time has went.When I last posted I was talking about winning, the FNSI and a door prize at a local quilt show. Well I went off to retreat and as I headed out the door I grabbed a package that came in the mail. It was the wonderful book that I won off the FNSI. I shared the book with all the retreaters and they sure loved looking at it. So go check it out yourself.
Here is a quilt I did for Rejena
I don't think I ever posted a picture of it. Rejena is expecting her first grand baby and this is her quilt. Of course if you can't tell her first grand child is going to be a little girl, and she should be arriving any day now.

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  1. That is a mighty fine piece of textile! WOW!
    I am sure it will be loveed and have holes in it before long!
    Welcome to our world Olivia Ann Dunn!


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