Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is Carols, for her grandaughter, she says she has one more to go. I will miss seeing her grandchildrens activities. That is the one thing about T-shirt quilts all the cool things you get to read and just imagine what the child is like and how they dealt with their every day life,  but I guess that is the way of life.

This is Martha's. Her sister in AZ does the embroidery and then Martha pieces it together than I get to quilt it. I have decided that I want one like this, maybe not this pattern but a hand embroidered one. So Martha and I are working out a deal. I will buy the blocks and she will embroider them for me for quilting. I love bartering!!! Now I just have to go and decide what pattern I want. This could take some time I have saw some just lovely ones.

This is Margie's, she grew up loving the Beatles so she had to make something to honor them. She asked for just meandering hearts but I had to go that extra inch for her and do soem stencil hearts in the border. I mean could I really just meander the whole thing? Well I guess I could have but I just felt that the border should have something special in it.
I know I have more to show you but since it is Mothers Day (Happy Day to all of you out there) I am going to make this quick and will be back later or tomorrow.

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