Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pics from new camera

I finally got the camera out of the box, it's an Olympus SZ-12. A simple camera but yet good enough I can take activity shots of the grand kids, or so the sales rep says. I was going to buy one of the better ones and then when the rep asked what I took pics of  I had to stumble and say just quilts (why in the world are you getting fancy dancy if you just take quilts? I ask myself) So down the line to cheap we go and he explains this (not for sure of brand) cheap would do. Has excellent pic quality and I have it in my hands and he says now when you get grand kids and want to take pics of their sports you need to move up in this range. (Now how in the world did I forget them) So here I am with this one. I chose it for the design factor, has a bit of a ridge so I think I should be able to grip it so I won't drop it. Let's just see about that.
So now here is the opportunity quilt for my local club. All hand appliqued. Because my hubby couldn't spread his arms wide enough you can't see  on the right there is two rows of plain blocks. I did all the applique (needle turn) in the center mass and a couple leaves on the outside that were forgotten. I have passed it off to someone that a big pressing board and then Monday it will go in the frame for hand quilting. It will be crossed hatched. I plan on donating money to the club for a chance to win this one. I really think it needs to reside here in my house.

Here is a quilt from Denise for her little boy. TRACTORS such a nice little boy quilt. I had never seen this fabric before but then I have to say I don't look at to much farm stuff. But it is one giant panel and then she cut out some of the blocks and border of panel and made her own. Nice job Denise!

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  1. Fabulous design, and all that work for hand applique is amazing. I can't even think what means to quilt it by hand.


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