Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another month gone

Well Well, another month has passed me by and I can't for the life of me figure it out. I started out the month at a retreat.My cousin came in from 300 and some ott miles away for this event. She has never quilted before but her mother (my moms sister) is the one that started the quilting craze in our family. Her mother showed my Mom and the craze was on. So I spent most of my time showing her how to 'do' things. I taught one class Shuffled 9-patch.
Here is her small lap throw. This is an easy design to do and makes up quick. The corner stones were half square triangles from another project and just thought throwing them in the corner would give more interest. Whatcha think to much or just right!
Either way it is what it is and she took it home to try to finish it. Got the call on how and I steered her towards youtube for videos. I mean I have a long arm I have no clue how to quilt with my domestic machine and I don't want to know. I mean if the hubby knew that it could be done.........Before she left to come her her 3 year old great grandson told her to make him a quilt, so...
she picked up this center panel off of the unwanted table. I let her come to my house and shop for matching fabrics. I think a little boy should like the jungle animals. It was a basic pattern just add borders, but another chance to learn. She also took this one home to finish. The other pics were on my phone and haven't learned how to add them to this post so will have to post them separately.

After retreat I quilted my finger to a quilt! Let me tell you pinky finger and a moving Gammill do not mix. It is healed now but the fingernail is slowly chipping off. and it is still numb and hurts to touch but at least it is healed! Not something I want to do again.
This is a quilt from Margie. This woman amazes me with all the different things she does. This was just some fabric she wanted to use and it grew from there. No pattern just her head and thoughts. It was funny to hear from her during this process, she would call and tell me how she measured wrong and now the blocks were the wrong size and she had to figure out a way to make them work. I think it turned out wild and wonderful!!

This is Kathy's quilt she had started to quilt this on her domestic machine and decided that it was not something she wanted to do. She used minkie on the back of this and had spray basted it together. I did have lots of trouble with this one but only in areas that there seemed to be lots of the spray basting. Note to self don't accept quilts with spray basting already done. She had started outlining the flowers and birds but told me to just  do an all over, she just wanted it done. I couldn't let one bird and flower be outlined then do an all over on the rest so yes I did the outlining too. Such a cute panel and it will make some little girl a nice soft blankie.

This is Karen's quilt, it was done as a round robin. Now didn't these gals do a wonderful job! I had to do a custom job on this it deserved something more than an all over. Oh I just hope she liked the end result!

So this is what I have been doing lately besides working 9 hours a day and 4 on Saturdays. Staying busy that is for sure and now the Christmas shopping! Although I got most of it done on Black Friday (ok I had it done on Black Thursday). I asked the hubby today if he thought we could handle taking an angel off the tree to buy for some child. He thought that was a pretty good idea since we have our grand kids done. So tomorrow I am going back out to do that. I have never done this before so I hope I am not biting off more that I can chew. I mean how hard can this be? But it scares me to know that the fate  of some child's happiness is resting on what I get them without even knowing them. I have been leery of this in the past hearing of how some of these kids aren't that desolate and ask for the high priced items. I don't even do that for my grand kids so I know I won't do it for them. I think joy can be found in a book not a video game. but I am trying it any way. Wish me luck.
Well enough for now.
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