Sunday, January 22, 2012

Record 2 days in a row

Yep, It is me again.  Back to fill you in on my of my doings. Well right around Thanksgiving my camera went on the fritz so I thought I was getting pictures but didn't. I know everyone always stops in to see the pretty quilts but I only have a few to show. I have gotten a new camera and of course learning something new again isn't the easiest.  Christmas was wonderful. The grankids were here two weeks before and help put up the tree. We had a blast. They didn't break any of the ornaments and got them distrubuted fairly evenly. Then the day after Christmas they came over and the middle child had a cold. He was just shakiing with the chills, well that didn't stop me from hugging and kissing and guess who got sick on the 29th of  DEC? Yep me. Still have a bad cough but I only missed one day of work with it. Somedays I didn't think I was going to make it but I trudged on through. I have to say this cold is horrible. Well the grandkids were here last weekend and they helped me take the tree down and we only broke 3 ornaments. hmmm taking down not near as cautious as putting up.

This is Mary's. I love love love pink and brown. This one reminds me of candy. I dont know why but I just think of pieces of hard candy when I look ot this one. Great job Mary, makiing me hungry,lol.

When the  Grankids were here last weekend the oldest boy came running into the living room yelling 'grandma ya gotta come quick you got a serious problem!' 
What is it Devon I ask
'You got water running everywhere'
Ok it wasn't everywhere but it was coming out of the ceinling of my sewing room, right onto my cutting table. UH OH that is coming from the sink upstairs. So now I have started out 2012 with a doozy of a cold, camera broke  and now my house is leaking. Yep 2012 is going to be my year I can tell.

Ok I better go try to figure out how to take my pics off the new camera and put them on here. see ya soon!

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