Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's been a crazy couple weeks

The online Quilt Festival was a blast. I didn't get to everyone in that week but I tried. Lord knows I spent way to much time on here surfing and not quilting. I have had to clean my spare room up. Now mind you this was where I would throw just about anything. Of course most of it would be sewing related. But my parents who live about 750 miles away are coming to visit. I have an old house and the stairs are steep and I just didn't feel that at 85 and 80 going up and down these things would be the best for them so I had to make them a bedroom downstairs. That of course is my junk room. Which I knew for resale value of the home a down stairs bedroom would be great. So the venture started and now has ended (so to speak)
Quilt frame and boxes full of YARN! White rubber drawers full of fabric and old hankies. From this to that. Walls are not done but atleast it is cleaned up. Antique dresser with antique dresser scarves and anitque gas lite. (Perry's grandmothers)

That is one corner of the room as you walk into it from the bathroom yes this room will get to use the new bathroom and I will go back to the old tub n shower bathroom across the way so I  won't (possibly) wake the parents when I get up to go off to work.

Now this is looking into the room form the living area, before and after. Perry is trying out the bed after I made him set it all up. Please don't get the wrong impression I didn't make him carry all the boxes out. He only took the stuff down to the basement. Yarn and fabric had to stay inside and upstairs. see you have to go out side to get to the basement and that would just be to hard for me (ok out of my way) to go get something if I needed it. so I took boxes of it upstairs to the closests, and other areas that weren't being used. I wish money would have allowed for us to really do something with this room but.... still paying off the bathroom make over and until it is paid off I will have to make do with this.

The Mystery wow I have almost forgotten about it. I do have a pic of my fabrics and in the process of cleaning out the spare room I have shuffled other things around so give me a few days to get it together I know I had the instructions laying here but right now I can't seem to locate them.But here is a pic of my fabrics.
As you can see I have 4 fabrics. Solid Black then a Black with grey. Then a grey and a magenta. To make a queen size quilt pick fabrics that you have at least 3½ yds of each.  With out my directions exact measurements are just a dream. What could I have done with them??? Finding them is on the top of my list!


  1. The room looks that a quilt on the wall on the left! :)

  2. wow! I see poor Perry is already in the bed!! I can't wait to see it in person!


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